No Word Yet on Same-Sex Marriage

by Mark Wilson

Even though the Supremes held their weekly conference today, there’s been no word on the same-sex marriage cases. They could issue orders on Monday, or hold off even longer:

If no orders on any of these cases emerge on Monday, the next indication of what the Court may be doing with the issue could come with re-setting them for the private Conference that will be held next Friday.  It is not uncommon, in cases that have some complexity, for the Court to require more than one Conference sitting to decide how to proceed.  Ordinarily, the Court re-schedules cases after releasing orders and opinions from a Conference.  Thus, that could happen on Monday or Tuesday of next week — orders are due Monday, one or more opinions Tuesday, but only in cases already heard.

They probably want to tread carefully, here. Same-sex marriage is the biggest civil rights issue of our generation.