Lessons Learned?

by Mark Wilson

After the 2008 election, it was said in The Papers that Republicans had to do some soul-searching, figure out who they were in a United States that didn’t really look like them anymore.

Then the party decided to embrace its conservative wing whole-hog in 2010. Yes, the lesson they learned was that they weren’t conservative enough!

Now it’s 2012, and even as the demographic numbers come in, some conservative pundits (though those people should probably be out of a job, if their prediction quality is any indication of their qualifications) are saying that the party should double down on conservatism . . . again!

The demographics are striking: Romney won white people. Obama won everyone else. For the second time in recent history, older people did not elect the president. Young people did. Obama outperformed Romney among Latinos by 40 points. And Latino voters aren’t going anywhere.

Then again, if Republicans want to stray even redder and obliterate their party, they can go right ahead. If Karl Rove and Donald Trump’s histrionics are any indication, the Republicans could use a managed bankruptcy.