From My Google Reader Feeds

by Mark Wilson

A look at some of the interesting things I read today, as found in my RSS feeds:

  • Fox News thinks the Muppets are brainwashing your children against capitalism.
  • Young adult writers (that’s adults who write YA fiction, not minors who write YA fiction) take the writing portion of the SAT.
  • Are stories about excessive student loans overhyped? If so, prepare for students loans to be derided as the liberal version of the “welfare queen.” According to The New York Times, stories about students who graduate with over $100,000 in debt are the extreme minority. A 2009 Department of Education survey showed that only 0.3% of bachelors degree recipients graduated with over $100,000 in debt. “If you have more than $75,000 in undergraduate debt, you are the 1 percent—just not the 1 percent you might have been hoping for.” Ouch! Then again, the NYT story doesn’t talk about graduate or professional school debts.
  • As it turns out, the amount of money put into literary research isn’t worth it. “The quality is high, the professionalism obvious, but the reception of the article hasn’t come close to matching the time and energy and talent it took to create it.”
  • This one’s an old one, but it came up again. Eliot Spitzer, writing for Slate, describes the Big Banks’ $7 trillion no-strings-attached loan from the U.S. government.